Canmore and Banff Children's Music

Sue has been active in children's music since 2008 when the Canmore Preschool approached her to run their music programme.  During the classroom time, the children are actively involved for the entire music class.  Sue incorporates movement, singing, tempo changes, dynamic changes and listening skills to encourage the children to be participants in the music around them.  She wraps up the pre-school year with an interactive concert.  If you would like to have Sue visit your daycare, preschool, camp event or home, please contact her with what you have in mind and Sue will create a custom programme to suit your need.

"My son initially disliked music, but now he loves it.  Ms Sue is Sue-per!"  (preschool parent at year-end evaluation)

Sue's music class is repeatedly ranked as the favourite preschool activity by the children.