February 07, 2014

Inspiration to Goodness

Wasting time on YouTube this morning - I can justifiably call it "study" or "research" but really I'm just watching amazing performances and getting inspired during a few minutes of down-time.

My latest crush is on the PianoGuys.  Just wow.  They have taken performance on the instrument you thought you knew, and have transformed it fundamentally.  Clearly, they have a TONNE of fun, although it is a lot of work to do what they do.  But FUN.  Check this one out for an appetiser.

These guys firmly believe that music should be used to inspire goodness and that is their chief aim - to reach people through music in positive, encouraging, inspiring ways.  They even quote Bobby McFerrin on their website.  "Listening to only one kind of music is like insisting on living in only one room of your home your entire life".  Like Bobby McFerrin, they are knowledgable and talented when performing Bach or Jazz or pop - no closed doors except to darkness.

What inspired this blogpost, however, is this video of a performance for one of their favourite audiences.  The people's reaction to the music is fantastic, and guaranteed to make you smile.  What makes this so wonderful is two things.  One is the energy that the PianoGuys put into their performance which is contageous.  Two is the response - the movement and joy - it inspires in their listeners.

I have a friend who teaches creative movement to little people.  She has taught dance at the highest level, but now she is in a place where she is teaching one-year-olds for the first time.  She went into this assignment thinking "lullabyes and rockabyes", and was happily surprised to find out that this age group LOVES to dance!  They love upbeat music - anything with a groove - and oh the smiles!

So why this post?  I am just encouraged to remember that the very old and the very young don't need musical coddling.  Once again, through that video link of the performance, I am inspired to surround myself with good, uplifting, life-affirming music.  That can be the Charlie Brown theme or hymns or ABBA or Rajaton or Oscar Peterson or Patrick Hawes or Bach or whatever the moment calls for.  Remembering that music has the power to drag down, discourage, and foster darkness - stay away from that stuff! - it also has the power to spur you on to goodness in your mind, body, attitude, and soul.

AND community.  Watch those PianoGuys - that takes some coordination of community!  Making music and listening to music ought to inspire goodness.  Seek your happy music place today, and if possible, share it with someone.


From Diana on February 08, 2014 9:45 PM

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  Thanks for sharing.  
I've been watching some Olympic coverage and have been rather surprised to notice that a number of moguls skiers and slopestyle snowboarders are taking off their helmets at the bottom of the hill to reveal ear buds that they've had in their ears from the start gate.  Talk about music having the power to spur you on to GREANTESS!
AT your suggestion, I'd also like to share a musical happy place: yesterday was our school principal's last day.  The staff and students all put together a surprise farewell assembly for him and spent almost an hour in storytelling and song.  I think the principal, who opened the doors of that school and has worked hard to promote a real community amongst those who are there every day, could feel a huge wave of support coming back to him from that community as they wished him well in his future endeavours with the Calgary Board of Education.  I know I could feel it, most especially at those moments (about half of the assembly, all told) when the entire student body were joined in song.  It was really touching.
Hooray for musical inspiration!
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