July 14, 2011

What's new in the last ten years

So this website is an update of my ten-year-old site.  Update isn't really the right word - complete make-over, really.  So much changes in ten years!  For example, I now have three children and I'm ten years older.  Still have the same amazing husband!  Musically, lots has changed in my life.  Ten years ago my musical focus was writing, performace, recording, with some teaching.  Now, my big focus is teaching and enabling, with minimal performance and very little current recording or writing (see previous note on three children).  But teaching and enabling is very much where my heart is, and I'm so glad to be spending so much musical time in that capacity.  I love my guitar students - youth and adult, each and every one.  I love teaching preschool music; it's such fun!  And I love vocal improvisation.  I love singing period, but I love how improv both challenges me and frees me in my singing.   After a few years of participating in workshops run by the most excellent David Hatfield, who is Vancouver based, I was nudged into leading improv sessions by a dear friend, Jan Tissandier, who felt we needed more improv close to home.  I confess I feel like I have found my place.  (one of a few "home" places).  If you are curious about vocal improvisation, I encourage you to check out people like Bobby McFerrin and Rhiannon (no, not THAT one - the super cool Jazz icon) online.  While I hope to do more performing and recording and writing as my children grow, I am so happy in helping others play guitar, sing, play bass and enjoy music for the joy of music - from preschool to pensioner (and I have them all).  Sing on!

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